Malabar Trading

At Malabar Trading, we work with a network of small businesses and skilled artisans around
the world who produce high quality, sustainable products. We value investment in
maintaining traditional skills and investing in the future of our planet. We are proud to
sponsor Caitlin as she develops her skills and grows her business.

“I respect the sustainable values of Malabar Trading and these reflect how I run my business and develop horses”

Beue Media

We are an independent digital creative studio specialising in professional website development & graphic design based in Lyme Regis, but active nationally. We are proud to work with all sizes of businesses and believe the internet is a big opportunity for all of them. We are proud to support and sponsor Caitlin’s online appearance as she grows and matures her position in her sport.

“I am glad to have Beue Media by my side to help me run and grow the digital side of my business.”

Interested in Sponsoring Caitlin?

Caitlin is always looking for new sponsors and relishes the opportunity to work with and support businesses of all shapes and sizes with all kinds of backgrounds. She is a personable and dedicated person who is confident with public speaking and engaging clients which allows her to provide a professional service to her sponsors.

If working with Caitlin would interest you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.