If you are interested in owning a horse with Caitlin, please don’t be afraid to get in contact to make this a reality. Whether you already own a horse or are looking to invest, Caitlin can help with contacts in the UK and Ireland for sourcing brilliant sports horses affordably.

Caitlin believes that owning horses should be, above all, fun and enjoyable for all involved. The horses will receive top- class care under Caitlin and her head groom’s watchful eyes.  Caitlin aims to take all the hassle off owner’s shoulders and works hard to ensure that they get to enjoy all the fun and excitement this incredible sport has to offer.

 Caitlin has trained with Harry Meade, Yogi Breisner, Tim Rogers and Robin Dumas – among other brilliant minds – as well as with the Head coaches at Millfield. Being able to train with such talented and knowledgeable people has enabled Caitlin to gather a wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings to each and every horse she works with. She will continue to train with them as she progresses through the levels. If being part of this would interest you please get in contact using the methods below.


Caitlin has achieved her BHS Stage 3 teaching exams and is currently working towards her Stage 4 examinations. She has a wealth of previous experience from coaching children and adults of all ages and abilities at Stag Lodge Stables outside London as well as from teaching private clients in Surrey and Dorset.

She is available in the Cirencester area. She can travel to you or make arrangements for premises if needed. Clinics may also be available in the new year, information to follow on social media and the website calendar when it is applicable. If you are interested please get in contact with Caitlin using the methods below.

Stable Management

Caitlin can also provide guidance to those who need support in areas of stable management or show turnout. She has turned horses out at world-class events and therefore has a broad knowledge of this area. Her coaching qualifications will come in useful here too with a simple and practical approach to learning and developing these skills with clients. She can also provide these services herself in the evenings so if you are local to Cirencester and need a horse clipped, plaited or prepared for any show discipline, please get in contact using the methods detailed below.