About Caitlin

Caitlin moved to Dorset from London aged 9 and began to fully develop her love for riding. After years of lessons and hard work, she finally persuaded her parents to let her have her first pony. She then began with showjumping and hunting for 3 seasons until she realised that her real passion lay in eventing.

Whilst at Millfield School she developed her eventing partnership with her lovely mare, Lilly (Advance to Go) and also qualified as a Stage 3 BHS Coach.

After studying Sports Science at University of Surrey and coaching at Stag Lodge Stables in Richmond Park, Caitlin moved to become a working pupil for Harry Meade.  Working with Harry’s team since 2019 has developed Caitlin’s range of eventing skills and her broader skills in horse development, training programmes and nutrition.

Meanwhile, she and Lilly have progressed from BE80 to Novice level and plan to compete at u21 intermediate level in 2021.

Caitlin is now based at the yard of William Fox-Pitt to help maximise her potential. It is the ideal place to produce youngstock and train top-level event horses with outstanding facilities and the invaluable support network from William and the rest of his team.

She is looking to continue to coach riders at all levels, compete and work with owners to bring on young horses.

How Caitlin Oldham Seized the Opportunity of a Lifetime

British eventer Caitlin Oldham is starting her own training business – and she’s basing out of William Fox-Pitt’s yard in the United Kingdom. After working for riders such as Harry Meade, Caitlin is ready to spread her wings while also continuing her own education.